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Who We Are

From our entrepreneurial journey beginning in 2007, we have focused on education and how Digital Media can help educational institutes form better connect with its stakeholders.

We have staggered, we have stumbled and we have found success. We have learnt from the old to implement the new. We have experimented, tried, tested. All along the way, we have gained valuable experiences, while striving to provide the best digital marketing and branding services to our clients. Today we stand as one of the leading educational consulting agencies of India.

We believe every institute has a unique proposition for its stake holders and these are the stories we are interested in creating and sharing with others…


Companies who are too lazy-busy to manage their digital lives, we aim to make the online space absolutely fantastic for them. We strive everyday to stay neck-high in terms of latest progress in the industry by adding innovation in our own little ways.

Strategising branding strategies: 99%
99% Complete
Creating effective content: 100%
100% Complete
Handling Social Media properties: 98%
98% Complete
Driving SEO: 40%
40% Complete
Designing online campaigns: 10%
10% Complete
Feasting: 98%
98% Complete
Training social media enthusiasts: 98%
98% Complete


Faces from the team that have managed to create some “noise” in

the education space

Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar Designer

This “I-can-do-it” man is a bachelors in Fine Arts who is a pro at Digital Multimedia and Animation. When free, he is mostly spotted in front of his video-game console, playing away in glory. His portfolio has 100+ B-schools’ creatives in it already.

Himanshu Aggarwal

Himanshu Aggarwal Senior Manager

Motto- Eat. Work. Play. A major in Business Administration, he is passionate about what he does. He can well be called a digital addict and the “troubleshooter” of the company. Heading some serious responsibilities, he has been one of the primary lifelines.

Shashank Rohella

Shashank Rohella Video Editor

Colorful, fun loving and a committed man, Shashank loves every bit of what he does as an editor. His daily work schedule is dotted with instances of extensive experiments and he has created some really amazing videos in his past 4 years’ career in editing and directing.

Riyanka Basu

Riyanka Basu Public Relations

Essentially handling the Public Relations of the company, she is a Literature major from Delhi University who lives to eat and loves to communicate. She is obsessed about: punctuation, grammar, non-vegetarian dishes and sleep.

Shashank Samant

Shashank Samant Writer

Here’s the calm, peace-loving, always-smiling member of the team. A “yes” man. After completing his PGD in Mass Communication, he has worked with Stardust for 9 years in the capacity of Sr. Correspondent. Having written for publications like The Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, People Magazine, he is a golden asset of the team.

Hemani Kashikar

Hemani Kashikar Writer

When they say “Beauty and Brain do not go together”, they clearly are yet to meet her. She is a wordsmith. A natural writer. Someone who can make the extreme mundane and boring sound superlatively interesting. A Mass Communication Major from Symbiosis, Pune, she is a Star in more ways than one.

Christopher Baratta

Christopher Baratta Editor

Coming from the city of Ithaca, Chris prefers working behind the screen. A man of less words, our editor is a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), English Language and Literature from University of Binghamton. A word about his eyes- yes, they are eagle like. Nothing escapes them.

Shanky Aggarwal

Shanky Aggarwal Designer/Coder

Quite a champion, Shanky has successfully coded more than 1000 e-mailers, 40+ websites, 100+ Landing Pages, umpteen banners and flashes within a matter of 5 years. He loves to take risks. Go against the tide. Experiment. Innovate. Deliver. The best thing about Shanky: you can bank on him even if it is past midnight.

Nikhil Bhushan

Nikhil Bhushan Public Relations

The playful, energetic, high-on-life PR of Esquared, Nikhil has been a TV reporter and producer with NEWS X for three and a half years. He brings a lot of promising ideas on the table (apart from celeb gossips, of course) and give him an event, he makes SUCCESS out of it.

Neeti George

Neeti George Administrator

One of the kindest souls, Neeti exudes a lot of optimism even in the hardest of times. An expert in tying the loose ends with utmost care, she can well be called the lovely overseer of the company.

Aaruni Kant Sinha

Aaruni Kant Sinha Writer

Alas, there are only 24 hours in a day!” That’s Aaruni for you. Full of ideas, opinions and philosophical takes. With a career spanning the armed forces, media, technology and writing, what less can one expect! May the working profession be painted with more people like him.


Ansh Chief Security Officer

Our CSO is responsible for zealously guarding the morals, ethics and secrets of the company. He is an intelligent member. He prefers to do things in style. And his style? Eat, sleep, wake up. Eat and sleep again.

Rahul Lalchandani

Rahul Lalchandani Senior Manager

A Statistician by qualification, Rahul is quite the not-so-Statistician type. A comparatively new entrant to the Digital Media world, he is anti-establishment- naturally, a perfect fit of the online space. A travel addict, a musician and a passionate “I want to experiment” kind, Rahul prefers to concentrate on Form as well as style in his work. 



Good Design Goes to Heaven, Bad Design Goes Everywhere

Mieke Gerritzen

Creativity isn’t worth a thing if it isn’t served with an equal amount of reliability.


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams