E-mailers deserve a Second Chance – as you are planning Admissions 2015

Text e-mail high on visual appeal are the answer!

Text e-mail high on visual appeal are the answer!

Disappointed with a low Open-rate on your e-mailer campaign? Even when you know your admissions team is using Genuine database of CAT/XAT/CMAT / GMAT test takers?

E-mailer campaigns can give you the best results. But it is important to know how to do them correctly!
The story of e-mailers can clearly be described as one that of rise, fall and rise again. In 2009, when bulk text e-mailers entered the market, education institutes made it an instant favorite. Soon, institutes graduated to e-mails high on graphics as they told by their agencies that aspirants will only open and respond to emails that are visually appealing. But then every institute started doing the same.

The fall-out has been that most institutes now get very low open rates on their e-mails. Graphic e-mailers have been giving the following problems:

• Many of them would just not open being wrongly coded
• Smartphone users (in the Indian context) often do not have internet plan to support such high data consumption
• Another lot failed to catch attention because of poor designs and awful photo-shop
• Few of them clearly went bizarre (or may I say, astray?)
• Most of them had the same clichéd message to send, over and over again
• Remaining, became victim of utter boredom

Few reported as low as 0.2% open-rate.

So what’s the smart way of doing e-mailer campaigns?

In 2014, e-mailers are again showing potential of giving the best results. Here is how:
Some phenomenal successful e-mailer campaigns recently indicate that the solution is: Smartly designed text mailers. These mailers have texts designed in such ways that they look graphic designs as a whole.

While you go about designing the e-mailer strategy for your upcoming admissions cycle, refer to few samples that have received huge open rates in the higher educational domain:

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Bejoy Suri is the co-founder at E-squared, a digital marketing and consulting firm in the education sector.

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