Google Analysis Tool shows university websites in India are not optimized for Mobile

Mobile CompatibilityThe world has gone mobile, literally speaking! How mobile? Stats suggest that the bulk of the Internet traffic, including browsing, happens through mobile devices like smartphones, phablets, and tablets. And that gap is seriously widening, seriously fast. This is what the distribution currently looks like:


Data source:

For education institutes, the implications are clear. Their websites need to be mobile compatible – which means they (1) have to be configured to be viewed optimally on a mobile device and (2) be viewed quickly.

We would have thought that universities in India have solved this issue – since more than 50% of their website traffic comes from mobile devices.

However, a recent analysis on Google tool – University Mobile Web Rankings at – suggests that Indian universities are seriously lagging behind on the metrics for mobile compatibility of their websites!

Google suggests two metrics: (1) Mobile Friendliness and (2) Mobile Speed Score. And Indian universities are found to lag behind their US counterparts.


Even in cases where a university scores reasonably well on the mobile usability scale, it most likely scores very low on speed …
… when compared with global benchmarks …

… or with desktop website versions

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In the analysis by E-Squared, 76 out of the 84 Indian university websites analysed scored below the globally accepted minimum of 85 on mobile speed.

Given the erratic data speeds achieved on mobile devices, it is vital that websites offer not just accessibility and readability, but also ease of loading. You wonder how vital is speed of loading?

Consider this fact: As page load time increases from 1 second to 10 seconds, the probability of the user leaving the website increases 123%! After all, alternatives are always available.

To check how your institute website fares, log on to
Google will also provide a free report suggesting how to improve speed and compatibility on mobile devices.

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