JD – Social Media and Content Marketing Associate

E-squared is an award-winning firm that specializes in education consulting and digital and content marketing.

Typically, our client’s reach out to us to help them create stronger digital brands and engagement with their TGs. Their goal, and ours, is to ideate, strategize, conceptualize, design and execute campaigns that engage students more effectively.

JD – Social Media and Content Marketing Associate

This is one of the most important profiles for E-squared. We expect this person to be somewhat of a wizkid:

  • Be mature enough to interact and impress vice-chancellors and directors at universities with your knowledge of what is happening in the education sector, marketing and social media
  • Be cool enough to connect with college students to come up with creative solutions for digital marketing campaigns. Say, ideating, planning and executing a student-featured video, which can go viral on social media or a Facebook campaign!
  • Be a humble team player. We understand that it’s not possible to have all the digital marketing expertise with one person, so you will be working with senior journalists, seasoned coders, and cool designers to let your digital marketing campaigns see the light of day.
  • Have a sense of design and revel in writing. These are the two most important survival skills at E-squared. Can you critique two design pieces? Would Red go better than Blue? Do you enjoy reading and can you easily differentiate a well-written article? Do you like struggling till you come up with an engaging Twitter or Facebook copy?
  • Have a keen eye for detail. Design and content are as much about creativity as they are about spotting the finer points. Unfortunately, this talent you either have or you don’t and we test it in the interview stage!
  • Be driven by creativity. We swear by creativity. We feel creativity is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent hard work!
  • Be open to traveling. Our clients span the breadth and length of the country. Be open to sit at the beach and taste some yummy seafood, or taste the favorite picks of students across various cities.
  • Additional skills that will also be handy at E-squared: Photography, Videography, Designing, Coding, Copy-editing, Blogging, Cooking, and, among others, watching the Friday release first.
  • Ideal Work-experience: 0 – 5 years

To know more about us, visit: www.esquared.in

Do send in your resume to gunjan@esquared.in or call +91 9717999612

Working @ E-squared

We promise that our work culture is unlike one that you would have experienced before – it may not necessarily be better, but it is different.  As founders, we are not sticklers for processes, we don’t monitor office timings, and we are big advocates of delegation. But we like our team members to surprise us with out-of-the-box thinking, creating something interesting out of the mundane and being one up on client expectations.

We have grown fast, but we have resisted increasing our team size and we outsource a lot of our work. So, anyone we hire in the firm is quite special and we expect them to make a real difference.


Bejoy Suri

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Bejoy Suri is the co-founder at E-squared, a digital marketing and consulting firm in the education sector.

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