About Us

We are Spare

Who We Are

From our entrepreneurial journey beginning in 2007, we have focused on education and how Digital Media can help educational institutes form better connect with its stakeholders.

We have staggered, we have stumbled and we have found success. We have learnt from the old to implement the new. We have experimented, tried, tested. All along the way, we have gained valuable experiences, while striving to provide the best digital marketing and branding services to our clients. Today we stand as one of the leading educational consulting agencies of India.

We believe every institute has a unique proposition for its stake holders and these are the stories we are interested in creating and sharing with others…

What We Do?

Eat. Work. Play.
Of course, you know in these three where our loyalty lies primarily.

What We Don't?

We do not pick your laundry.
We do not waste food.
We do not work from 9am- 9pm.
We do not run campaigns. Oops, I mean run silly ones! *facepalm*
We do not reject work.
We do not take notes. Okay relax! We type them.
We do not bunk parties.
We do not wake up early in the morning.
We do not make stupid excuses. Because, we only make smart ones.
We do not disrespect, disappear, disappoint.
Strategising branding strategies: 99%
99% Complete
Creating effective content: 100%
100% Complete
Handling Social Media properties: 98%
98% Complete
Driving SEO: 40%
40% Complete
Designing online campaigns: 10%
10% Complete
Cooking: 98%
98% Complete
Training social media enthusiasts: 98%
98% Complete


Good Design Goes to Heaven, Bad Design Goes Everywhere

Mieke Gerritzen

Creativity isn’t worth a thing if it isn’t served with an equal amount of reliability.