Highlights 2014

– Start of VIEWPOINT blog
– E-squared homegrown blog

<font size="3px"><b>Highlights  2014</b></font><br><div align="left"><font size="2px"><dl> <dt> <dd><br></dd><dd>– Start of VIEWPOINT blog</dd> <dd>– E-squared homegrown blog</dd> </dt> </dl></div>

E-Squared was formed by a small group of people who finally realized that it was time they listened to their hearts and do what they always wanted. Even though highly- regular awesome in their respected fields Gunjan and Bejoy had always dreamt of starting their own company.

So one fine, really boring afternoon, they got together and started laying down plans and ideas. Clearly, the root was based out of experiment.

They were already in the leadership team of the 9.9 School of Convergence. They realized the importance of social media and with that they also realized educational institutions still were not using the power of social media to promote themselves. And no one else in the market was willing to do something like this.

That’s when E-Squared was born. Gunjan and Bejoy started the company and managed to promote themselves using social media. Companies soon acknowledged their awesomeness and they started hiring them as their social media consultant. The game turned. What started as a two people initiative was soon taking brands to places with a fully functional team of experts and digital addicts.

Now with 7 years behind them, they still continue to be the top choice for educational institutions to manage their online social media campaigns.