Your institute has a social media presence. But is that doing any good?

How do we know we are speaking the right things?

How do we know we are speaking the right things?

Of course you and I know what potential lies in Social Media sphere today. Just right now, more than 70% of your aspirants are browsing their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, Google+ accounts, simple trying to figure out who is “happening” in the education space. Time you get down to design your social media engagement, prudently.

Every school is on the social media space- bragging and boasting about themselves. So how do you keep your head above the water at this point of time? Make sure your social media post meets the “triple E” test:

1. Is it educational?
2. Is it entertaining?
3. Does it prompt engagement?

Once your posts meet the criterion of these three, they are bound to hit the nail in the correct place.

Bejoy Suri

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Bejoy Suri is the co-founder at E-squared, a digital marketing and consulting firm in the education sector.

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